Frequently asked questions


What is 

is a crowdfunding platform which seeks to provide a simple, creative and secure avenue for Jamaicans residing locally and overseas; as well as friends of Jamaica to provide financial support to micro-enterprises and not for profit projects and programmes.

What is Crowdfunding?

This is the practice of funding a campaign or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large group of people, typically via the internet.

How does ISupportJamaica work?  

Sign up and explore our projects. Every project on ISupportJamaica has a funding target and deadline. If you see a project you like, then pledge funds to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its target amount, funds will be disbursed to the project owner when the project ends. If the project is unsuccessful, funds will not be disbursed and all donors will be contacted.  Funding on ISupportJamaica is all or nothing.

How do I go about donating?

Funding a project is quick and easy. Just log in or sign up, then choose the project you want to fund. Next, click the 'Fund this project' button and you will be taken through the donation process.

What are the requirements for project owners?

  • Entity should be registered
  • Have an existing JN Business Account or  open a JN Business Account
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Overseas creators must be a permanent resident of Jamaica, own a  bank account and a Jamaican government issued ID (driver’s license, passport)

What are the requirements for a project?

  • Project story
  • Funding target
  • Network 
  • Project image
  • Project video

What is a project story?

A Synopsis of the project for which ISupportJamaica is raising funds. 

What is funding target?

The amount of money that the project owner needs to complete their project.

What should I consider when setting my funding target?

You are free to think big, however, realistically, crowdfunding works better for fundraising targets between USD 500 and USD 5,000.  If your total budget for your campaign is much higher than this, we would suggest that you divide the project into phases and start with something simple and achievable. 

What information should I share on my campaign page?

  • What it is you are attempting to do 
  • How you will do it 
  • How the funds will be utilized 
  • Your capabilities to finish this campaign
  • Your team (if you have one)

The more information you share, the more you will procure your donors' trust

Is a project video required to launch?

Project videos are not mandatory, however projects that consist of a video tend to raise more money and reach their target. We highly recommend that you include one for a greater chance of success. 

What is the timeline for these campaigns?

Crowdfunding is not a quick-fix for getting funding overnight. However, with your commitment and cooperation, our team is always ready to get you started on the road to achieving financial assistance. Once the campaign is live on, depending on the funding need, you will need one to two months to reach your target, through fundraising effort and public response to your campaign.

Who can donate to campaigns?

ISupportJamaica makes it easy for persons, despite their geographical location, to contribute to promising businesses and worthwhile causes in communities across Jamaica. In essence, the portal is open to anyone who is interested in donating. 

Who can upload projects on

ISupportJamaica encourages partnership with ventures of many legal forms, including social enterprises, community-based organizations and non-governmental organizations. These entities, prior to approval, among other things, are required to submit relevant proof of purpose, indicating that their organization is for public or social benefit.  

  • Micro businesses
  • Charities
  • Individuals
  • Non-profit Organizations

What campaigns are prohibited?

Campaigns listed on other crowdfunding platform at the same time are prohibited. Additionally, any campaign that is derived or promotes personal gains, cures, drugs, weapons, financial incentives, contests, raffles, political preference, gambling, alcohol usage, rewards, offensive materials (pornographic, encouraging violence and harassment) and campaigns that violate any copyright, patent and  trademarks laws are not permissible.

Can overseas campaign seek funding via

ISupportJamaica only permits Jamaican based campaigns and ventures that possess structured and practical timeframes for the realization of goals, which are clearly communicated.

We welcome and support campaigns that fall in any of the categories below:

  • Agriculture
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Tourism & Culture

      Is funding Flexible or All or nothing?

      Funding on ISupportJamaica is primarily All or Nothing. However, in some instances Flexible funding is also available.

      What does 'All or nothing' mean?

      If the funding target is not reached by the time your funding window closes, you do not receive any money. 

      What does 'Flexible' mean?

      The project owner keeps all funds donated regardless of whether or not the campaigns target is reached. (Conditions do apply)

      What is the funding model for ISupportJamaica?

      Donation funding

      How do I get started?  

      First thing to do when you get on the, is to sign up. When you sign up this ensures full access to the platform, you will be able to donate or even create your own campaign.

      Start by clicking the 'Sign Upbutton found at the top of the page or the 'Join for Free' button on the home page. You can also register using your Facebook account.

      How do I start a campaign?  

      Click the 'Start A Campaign' text on the home page and complete the process of building your project. All project submission must meet our guidelines before going live. 

      How is payment made when a campaign is fully funded?

      If your campaign is successfully funded, the funds will be deposited directly to your JN bank account. It may take up to 14 days for the payment to be processed. 

      Is there a donation limit for donors?

      The maximum a donor can pledge per year is USD 10,000.00

      Can I choose to keep my donation anonymous?

      Yes. If you choose to pay anonymously, only the ISupportJamaica team and project owner will be able to see your details.

      Can I donate to a single project more than once?

      Yes. More than 60% of projects that reach their target have repeat donors.

      Can I change my donation if I donated to the wrong project?

      Yes, once the project is still active. If you would like to change your donation, please contact us using the Change My Donation' in the subject line at

      Do I need an account to make a donation?

      No, not in the event that you donate using our alternative options. However, you do need an account in the event that you select to donate by means of PayPal. 

      We recommend that you register with us, so we can keep you updated with what's happening. 

      I forgot my password. What do I do?

      Click on 'Forgot Password' under 'login'. Enter the email that you registered with and we will send an email link for you to reset your password. You can also reset your password by providing the answers to your security questions.

      How secure is it to donate on

      All donations made on ISupportJamaica are processed securely using industry standard SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). We consider your protection important and security is one of the greatest contemplations in all that we do. 

      In the event that you have any inquiries in the wake of perusing this, or experience any issues, please get in touch with us at

      How long does it take for my donation to reflect on a project?

      If you donate via PayPal, your donation will be displayed instantly after it has been successfully submitted. All other channels of donation will be reflected one day after payment is received. 

      Donations done via 'Alternative Options' on weekends and public holidays will take effect the next business day.

      What are the fees involved?

      It is free to join, to start a project and to fund a project.

      ISupportJamaica does not charge any fees to donors; however they will incur third party fees determined by their credit card.

      Project owners will incur a five percent service charge on funds collected for successful projects.

      Does ISupportJamaica review and approve campaigns before they go live?

      Yes we do. Review and approval usually takes up to five business days before campaigns becomes active on the site. 

      Our team works closely with project owners to ensure that their projects are accurately represented. If a suspicion is raised regarding a project, we investigate by requesting supporting evidence. If we find that a project is fraudulent or illegal, the project will be removed and barred. 

      Despite our best efforts, ISupportJamaica cannot guarantee the full accuracy of every project that is posted. We strongly recommend that you only donate to a project when you feel confident about their cause and legitimacy.

      What should you do if you suspect a project is misleading or fraudulent?

      If you suspect a project on ISupportjamaica to be misleading or fraudulent, please contact us at

      Does ISupportJamaica guarantee a project's completion?

      ISupportJamaica does not guarantee project completion. It's the project owner responsibility to complete their project. We encourage that all donors carry out due diligence on a project before they decide to donate.

      Does ISupportJamaica share my personal information?

      No. We are committed to your privacy. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

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