Successful Campaigns

Bringing  Solar Power Technology To Rural Jamaica


GeNNex is a renewable energy company that have been working in rural Africa for the last 12 months, empowering the lives of people with no power. The high cost rural electrification and a misunderstanding of renewable power in Jamaica are big problems. There are still approximately 40,000 homes in Jamaica that still have no power. This project will fuse both technical and entrepreneurship education around solar energy into a single program. Participants will learn how to assemble solar lanterns and will gain vital transferable business skills which they can use to earn money as an entrepreneur selling solar products.


Gennex was founded on the Virgin Media Pioneer platform by international award winning social entrepreneurs and engineers. With current operations in Africa, and the UK it is now seeking to impact Jamaica. The company develop renewable energy products and training programs, which will assist impoverished communities in Portland and St Ann.

We play Pickney Netball


Pickney Netball is a project designed to introduce a healthy lifestyle to children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. The tenets of the project is to help in the development of hand-eye coordination and body awareness and control at an early age to assist in their full participation in a ball sport.

In 2013, Netball Jamaica became the trading name for The Netball Foundation of Jamaica, a registered company and an approved charitable organisation.